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Lockport Township Government
1463 S. Farrell Rd
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Lockport, IL 60441

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9:00am - 4:00pm Monday - Friday

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Phone: (815) 838-0780
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The Lockport Township Assessor is an elected official charged with the responsibility of determining property value for tax purposes.  It is important that property be assessed correctly so that each taxpayer pays only their fair share of the property tax burden.  The assessor also handles taxpayer exemptions, for example, the General Homestead Exemptions are reviewed each year to make sure only qualified properties receive it.

Real Estate Tax Information

2015 is a quadrennial year for property assessments.  Based on state statute every parcel in the township must be reviewed for value and equity. Every parcel owner must be notified by mail when the final value has been determined. A Notice of Revised Assessment is mailed by Will County Supervisor of Assessments, Rhonda Novak, in August.

Please read the notice carefully.  If you object to the value placed on the property you will have an opportunity to ask for a review or file a formal appeal with the Will County Board of Review. There are specific deadlines involved so pay close attention to the notice.

Assessed value is determined by analyzing sales data from the three years prior to the assessment year. In 2015 that means sales from 2012, 2013 and 2014. This is referred to as a sales ratio study.  The Illinois Department of Revenue forwards Real Estate Transfer Declarations to Assessors for the purpose of analysis. At this time assessed values are not final. I can say, however, there does seem to be some recovery in the housing market. Sales for 2014 are showing a slight increase over previous years.  This is very good news.

My office is responsible for maintaining property record cards for all parcels in Lockport Township. There are approximately 24,000 parcels. This record includes names and addresses of owners, sales history, and physical data, such as gross living area and year built. All of this information is part of the public record and available for inspection and copy. My office is also responsible for locating and assessing new structures. Local municipalities forward copies of building permits and certificates of occupancy to my office. These, along with field staff inspections, are how we locate new structures.

Another function of my office is to annually review exemptions. The general homestead exemption, $6000 in assessed value, is available for owner occupied property. Owners are allowed only one exemption and it should be on their principal residence. If we find an owner with exemptions on multiple properties, the additional exemptions are removed.  Residents can also receive assistance filling out the forms for the other available exemptions. There are additional exemptions for senior citizens, veterans and people with disabilities.

My staff is qualified to answer questions about assessed value, exemptions and a number of other topics. Please feel free to call or stop by the office during regular business hours.


the Lockport Township Assessor’s Office will assist with the following exemptions:

General Homestead Exemption

Home must be owner-occupied. This exemption reduces your assessed value by $6,000.  No need to call us; we will process this exemption for you.

Senior Citizen Homestead Exemption

If you are 65 years or older, this exemption reduces your home’s assessed value by $5,000. To apply, bring in the deed to your home with proof of your age-driver’s license or birth certificate.

Senior Citizen Assessment Freeze

This freezes the assessed value of your residence. You must be 65 years of age or older with a total household income of $55,000 or less. Applications are available in our office.

Disabled Persons Exemption

This exemption reduces your assessed value by $2,000.

Disabled Veterans & Returning Veterans Exemptions

Please contact our office for more information.

Homestead Improvement Exemption

Four-year exemption on additions, etc. If and when you qualify, our office will send all necessary papers to the County.


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Joliet Comm. College Dist. 525            815-729-9020

School District 365 – U                         815-886-2700

Freedom of Information Act.
F.O.I.A. Officer: 
MaryAnn Wiliamson
Deputy Assessor
Please send all requests to the Assessor's office 1463 S. Farrell Rd 2nd floor, Lockport, IL  60441

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