Having Problems Raking Leaves/Shoveling Snow?

Lockport Township Government is proud to support “The Cost cutting Crew”. The “Crew” consists of Lockport Township Highs School Students with disabilities (ages 18-21).

In the fall and winter months, the ”Crew” offers assistance raking leaves and shoveling snow in the winter. This program is FREE to seniors who reside in Lockport Township. This program is certainly a “win/win” for everyone involved. Members of the community benefit from the work done by the crew and the students obtain a great sense of citizenship while learning essential independent living skills.

In order to best serve you please call and make an APPOINTMENT at least ONE WEEK in advance.

For more information or to have the “Cost Cutting Crew” come to your house call (815) 588-8270 or (815) 588-8272.

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