Sherry Williams  (3) - Copy
Lockport Township Collector
Sherry Williams
I am grateful for the opportunity to serve Lockport Township residents as your Collector. The most frequently asked question to me is, “What do you collect?”  I am collecting information and experience to, hopefully serve you better after the next election.  Let me explain.  When Township government was first established, the Collector collected real estate taxes.  Over time, Illinois Counties have taken over that function.  Some Collectors still collect the first installment of real estate taxes, however, most Counties have eliminated the Collector position.  Will County and a couple other counties have not. 
 Here, in Lockport Township, we view this position as a low-cost entry level role for someone to become knowledgeable about Township government and, hopefully, take that knowledge and experience into a Trustee or other position in the subsequent election.  It also adds another perspective on the board.  While the Collector does not have a vote, he or she has access to all of the information and meetings as other board members and can offer his or her perspective and seek additional information as needed.

In the State of Illinois there are only five Counties that have elected Township Collectors. 
They are:

  •  Cook
  • Madison
  • Peoria
  • Sangamon
  • Will